Focus Timer - Keep you focused

Focus Timer - Keep you focused
*** #1 Productivity App for 120 weeks in a row in Korea *** *** #1 for Studying, Focus, Timer *** *** Best of 2018, 2017 Top Paid iPhone Apps in Korea *** *** Featured in Korea, U.S, Japan App Store *** You spent 10 hours studying. But what if your actual studying time is ONLY 2 hours? Focus Timer enhances your "Real Focus Time." FocusTimer is a simple and powerful 'Focus Management Tool.' • Easy Measuring You can measure your focus very easily. The only thing you need to do is placing your iphone facing down.    • Make Focusing a Habit You can enhance your focusability and make your focus a habit. Alarm timer will help you to focus more and better. • Analyze and Manage Chart/statistics on the focus data will help you understand your focus pattern and to manage it efficiently.  Thank you for using FocusTimer.  Enjoy your focus! For whom • who study • who wants to focus without distractions by a smartphone • who works FEATURES • Auto Timer Placing the phone screen facing down will trigger the timer to start. By turning the phone back up to the original position (facing up) will automatically stop the timer. Then, the net time will be recorded on your history. This feature will keep you away from distractions and help you focus. • Focus Goal Alarm & Break Time Alarm Sound, Vibration, LED alarms will support you to make focus a habit. • Super Focus Mode added Focus without getting disturbed by other application alarms • Focus Dashboard Managing total engagement time, focus time, ratio of focus • Charts Daily, weekly charts will help you analyze your focus pattern. • Aux Clock Break time, remaining time until the end of the day • History Each, daily, weekly, monthly statistics • Today Widget • Weekly Goal Manage your tasks and see them at a glance • 9 Themes(items) supported Can select colorful theme • [NEW] 7 New wallpapers for each theme • Language English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian • Backup/Restore Now support Backup/Restore (Google Drive) • Support
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