CARE SMART CAMERA - the one that know you best. Remote Video Monitoring: Always stay closer to your family. Motion Detection: Protect your family 24/7. HD Video Playback: Do not let you miss any event. KEY FEATURES: HD Live Streaming - Keep images clear after zooming in and videos smooth. Let you see every detail. Two-Way Audio - You are able to talk to your family anywhere instantly with one tap. Motion Alerts - With the activity timeline and snapshots, you can see at a glance when events happened. Home/Away Assist - Let you control your camera and its accessories in one click by configuring the the On/Off state of the devices in Home and Away mode. Camera Sharing - Share the camera access to your family in a secure and controllable way. And you can cancel sharing at anytime. Video History - When motion is triggered, videos will be recorded to the SD card and Care Cloud at the same time. You can scan through the entire video history to see what you missed. (Cloud Recording sold separately.) Extended Accessory - Support various accessories such as “contact”, “motion”, and “smoke” sensor, more comprehensive protection of your safety. Contact us: E-mail:
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